August 4-8 - Youths invitation to Canadians
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Welcome to Kitchenuhmaykoosib

Home of the 
   Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug

as long as the sun shines...as long as the rivers flow...as long as the grass grows...




National addiction awareness week

Nov 17—Nov 22/2014

Nov 21: Video Channel 50

Family Soberity walk   1- 2:30

Games & prizes

7-9 WII game challenge  C.hall and other events

Nov 22: Radio Station Singing & Refreshments  7:00pm

Nov 23: Birthday Celebration   FTW Church





  • Located approximately 377 miles north of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada or 270 miles north of Sioux Lookout, Ontario.
  • 53 58' North Latitude and 90 00' West Latitude, Northwestern, Ontario.
  • Accessible by air year round and winter road during January, February and March
  • Ice freezes up in late October or early November
  • Ice begins to breakup in May.
  • Warmest temperature 45 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Coldest temperature 40 degrees fahrenheit.

    Lake Size and Attractions:

    • Largest lake in Northwestern, Ontario, Canada.
    • 36 miles long and 18 miles wide.
    • Lots of beaches for swimming, canoeing, fishing & camping.

    Come on over to our community & enjoy the vast unspoiled wilderness.

    Wild Life:

    Moose, Caribou, Black Bear, Timber Wolf, Red Fox , Beaver, Otter, Muskrat, Wolverine, Rabbit, Marten, Mink, Lynx, Red Squirrel, Weasel, Mouse, Skunk, Chipmunk & Moles.

    Wild Fowl & Birds:

    Canada Goose, Snow Goose, Scooters, Loon, Grebe, Mallard, Bluebills, Golden Eye Hens, Pintail Hens, Ring Neck Duck, Mergansers, Green Wing Teal, Partridge, Swans, Grouse, Ptarmigan, Bald Eagle, Fish & Bird Hawks, Crow, Raven, Gulls, Robin, Owl, Gray Canada Jay, Sparrow, Night Hawks, Kingfisher, Black Birds, Snow Birds, Heron & several kinds of small birds.

    Aquatic Life:

    Lake & Brook Trout, Speckled Trout, Walleye, Northern Pike, White Fish, Ling, Sturgeon, Red & Brown Suckers, Perch, Frogs & Garter Snakes.


    Ants, Worms, House & Black Flies, Wasps, Dragon Flies, May Flies,
    several kinds of Butterflies and several kinds of bugs & lots of mosquitos.

    Timber Resources:

    Black & White Spruce, Jack Pine, Evergreens, Poplar and Birch.

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